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Pizza Rovente had a very exciting weekend! We set up shop for the fist time ever and It was fantastic.

A new local art gallery called The Kingston Social ( invited us to be a part of their grand opening celebrations. We set up shop on the sidewalk in front of the gallery on Saturday night and lots of people from the neighbourhood came out.

It was great to get out into the community and share out pizza. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. If you couldn’t make it out on Saturday, don’t worry, there will be lots of pizza all summer long.

Our first Farmers market is coming up on May 12th. We’ll be at the Davisville Village AppleTree Market in June Rowlands Park, at the corner of Mount Pleasant Road and Davisville Avenue. You can find us there every Tuesday all summer long.

In the meantime, here are a couple photos from Saturday’s event:


IMG_2501 IMG_2500

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  1. Rob

    We really enjoyed your pizza at The Kingston Social last weekend. Was wondering where I can get one of those table top pizza makers. My wife was raving about it…two minutes and you have a delicious meal. Thanks again for a great night!!


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