Pizza Rovente is a roaming nomadic pizzeria. We set up shop at local farmers markets, festivals and special events in Toronto and the GTA, to serve fresh, made to order pizza. In our opinion pizza should be enjoyed fresh and hot, right out of the oven. There’s nothing worse than a reheated stale slice, that’s been waiting on the counter for who knows how long.

Our high temperature oven, capable of reaching as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit, can cook a pizza in under two minutes. The best part is that cooking a pizza faster actually makes it better! A pizza cooked fast and hot will have a delicious, light crust, and the toppings don’t get overcooked in the process. The very first¬†pizzas baked in the wood fired ovens of Naples were made this way and still are to this day. We take our inspiration from Neapolitan pizza, but ultimately we aspire to create a new and exiting pizza experience.

We top our pizza with local ingredients, because they’re the freshest we can get. With fresh¬†toppings and fast, high heat, cooking, we hope our pizza will be the best pizza you’ve ever had.